Hello and thank you for visiting my blog Heart of Polyvore! I've been using Polyvore for almost a year and I really love this website. Few months after I joined Polyvore, I 've been thinking about creating a blog about fashion and sets and I'm here to do that.

 Here's a bit about me: 
I am a girl who loves fashion, movies, music, TV, knitting, crochet, and languages. English is my second language and I'm almost to fluent so I'll keep learning. I'm going to college soon and pursue a degree in French before I go to fashion school. I am really into fashion since my freshman year of high school and hope I want to become either fashion stylist or fashion designer.

About Heart of Polyvore:
For this blog, I will post Polyvore sets that are made by me and other users. It will have women's fashion and men's fashion. Also, I will post tips, tricks, and pictures about fashion so stay tuned for that. I will post three blog posts a week.

Hope you enjoy my blog! :)

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